Chemistry is not only scientifically defined as a study of matter and the changes that take place with that matter, chemistry can go deeper than that,it keeps some mystery in people's life. Chemistry between people is required in a relationship and there goes the perfect interaction. Sit back and experience the ?CheMystery? of

Monday, January 10, 2011

The bonding

For the secondary school syllabus, chemical bondings are ionic bonding and covalent bonding.  Oh man!!! Got so many things to tell, but I am not really in the mood of writing this up. But I try my best..
Ionic bonding is between two different ions, cations and anions. This would perfectly refer to a couple, men and women. As generally known that men is the negative symbol and women is the positive symbol(look at the previous post). It is a “fitrah” which men is the one who moves and proposes, and that is why anions are the moving ions. Never for cations. The ionic bonding is so strong as the different chargers combined together. For similar chargers, they repelled each other. But not for nowadays case. They seems like attracting each other. Out of “hukum alam”
What we all know about covalent bonding? The week bonding and easily broken. Huh!!! That if it is between small molecules, but if it is a gigantic molecules such as diamonds? They hold each other like never let go. Here comes the bonding between a ONE BIG FAMILY. Air dicincang takkan putus. So, have a big family, mummy, daddy, sisters, brothers then we’ll have a perfect,rigid bonding…
Be like the bonding in ionic and covalent molecules. Because from the rigidness of ionic bonding, gives us the gigantic power in covalent bonding.
p/s:now we are aware that why diamond is women’s bestfriend!
Fara, 2011

Monday, December 13, 2010

Atoms, molecules and ions ; I'm in Love.

I can clearly see KL TOWER and TWIN TOWER from Sg. Besi Tol. But I am not able to see what's in people's heart even they are right in front of my nose. Atoms, molecules and ions are just like people's heart. Could not be seen but could be speculated by Neils Bohr, John Dalton, Ernest Rutherford and I could not remember others..(sorry). Can I say that the same goes to human's heart. Erm... gotta treasure it with knowledge, observations and experience.

My science and chemistry teachers used to tell me and my friends that atom is the smallest, indivisible particle of an element. Atoms of the same element are exactly alike and are different from the atoms of all other elements. Ha! do you ever think that the element are us? either the owner of XX or XY chromosome. heehee... Now, lets have some discussion on molecules. Molecules are the smallest particles of an element or compound that are made up of two or more atoms. Ions are particles that are charged due to loss or gain of electrons. Yeah! human are meant to be just like molecules cause they have the attraction of positive and negative. Girls and boys just like illustrated in the symbols....

Ions which are positively charged are called cations, which represents female and negatively charged ions are called anions represents male.  They attracted to each other perfectly... Hahaha... I loikke chemistry ! I'm loving it..! heehee...

Fara, 2010
sick when people keep talking about being cheated and left,the conclusion is life is not all about 'the creature' with XY chromosome.go,have your life while you still have the time.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Loads of LOVE from METALS

I can't see any "share" button here as in Mark Zuckerberg's invention, but I still wanna share the words with high impact factor which I found once upon a time in a dark woods when I am all alone...
"LOVE has nothing to do   with what you are expecting to get, it's what you are expecting to give"

Chemistrically, after so many years "having a discussion" with my uncle Chang, hahahaha... (do I really have a discussion with him?). So, what is there anything to do with chemistry? well, whatever it is, I have this believe ;
"METALS are the best example of soulmate ever as they are willing to give all of their electron in the world to their spouse without expecting any return"
(Fara, 2010)

"But my love is all I have to give, without you I dont think I can live, I wish could give the world to you. but love is all i have to give.... to you..." 
(sing with the melody of "All I have to give-BSB") 

Huh! there goes the first quote from me. Gosh! that was fantastic to have my own quote. lalalala. Fantastico! Alright, back to the chemistry part, Oh the adorable part; the "chemystery" between metals and the electron acceptor that happily created ionic bonding. Am I right uncle Chang? I believe I am not wrong and you are absolutely right. No doubt bout that!

Be like metals, the willingness touched every hearts.

Fara, 2010


Why do people always say that it is good to have chemistry in relationship?
What is chemistry actually? And why don’t people use the term physics or biology for this????
“Kitaorg ni ad chemistry tau..That is why we can get along together..”kata si gadis.
Statement ni la yg org bcinta slalu sbnrnya diorg xfaham…sbb once relationship tu putus diorg akn bt statement yg mcm ni plk..
“ktaorg dh xda psefahaman..xblh nk go on lg”
Sbnrnya bkn salah pd chemistry yg Allah dh bg pd kta…tp salah kta yg conduct that chemistry..
Chemistry is actually the changes that we have to undergo everyday…we have to be patient and we have to accept whatever dugaan yg dtg…so jgnla salahkn qada’ dn qadar Allah…
Kta kna blaja utk ssuatu yg lbh baik…kta nk pasangan kta baik…so kta mula la dr diri sendiri…
This is like the concept what we give we get back..senang kn…tp sbnrnya xssenang yg kta bayangkan..
Rambut sama hitam…hati lain2…ye betul..
Experiment chemistry kta blh repeat whenever the result xelok…but hbgan percintaan dgn ssorg kta xle nk repeat…once dh putus..ia akan tetap putus…sbb dlm experiment kta hanya main dgn chemicals tp percintaan kta main dgn hati dn perasaan…
Jd sblm jalinkn ssuatu hbgan tu kna la fikir sbaik2nya….utk mngelak dr dkecewa dn mngecewakan..
Hbgan percintaan ni bmula dr pnyatuan 2 hati…bla hati bsatu dr situla bermulanya reaction chemistry…hari2 yg kta lalui akn mngalami proses prubahan…bsediala utk terima...
Proses perubahan tu yg akan mematangkan kta…ad masa kta bahagia…dn ad masa kta kecewa…tu dh lumrah kehidupan..
Percintaan ad la 1 anugerah yg indah Allah bg pd kta…jd jgn sia2kn anugerah tu ye..:)