Chemistry is not only scientifically defined as a study of matter and the changes that take place with that matter, chemistry can go deeper than that,it keeps some mystery in people's life. Chemistry between people is required in a relationship and there goes the perfect interaction. Sit back and experience the ?CheMystery? of

Monday, January 10, 2011

The bonding

For the secondary school syllabus, chemical bondings are ionic bonding and covalent bonding.  Oh man!!! Got so many things to tell, but I am not really in the mood of writing this up. But I try my best..
Ionic bonding is between two different ions, cations and anions. This would perfectly refer to a couple, men and women. As generally known that men is the negative symbol and women is the positive symbol(look at the previous post). It is a “fitrah” which men is the one who moves and proposes, and that is why anions are the moving ions. Never for cations. The ionic bonding is so strong as the different chargers combined together. For similar chargers, they repelled each other. But not for nowadays case. They seems like attracting each other. Out of “hukum alam”
What we all know about covalent bonding? The week bonding and easily broken. Huh!!! That if it is between small molecules, but if it is a gigantic molecules such as diamonds? They hold each other like never let go. Here comes the bonding between a ONE BIG FAMILY. Air dicincang takkan putus. So, have a big family, mummy, daddy, sisters, brothers then we’ll have a perfect,rigid bonding…
Be like the bonding in ionic and covalent molecules. Because from the rigidness of ionic bonding, gives us the gigantic power in covalent bonding.
p/s:now we are aware that why diamond is women’s bestfriend!
Fara, 2011

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